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  The Ohio Historical marker and front fence in James Cemetery have been installed

 Major John James close 'connection' to Harman Blennerhassett , Aaron Burr, and the infamous Burr Conspiracy

In the fall of 2005, the non-profit  Jackson County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society (JCOGS) began an effort to restore this historically and genealogically significant burial ground in Jackson Ohio. Over the decades, the cemetery has fallen prey to huge oak tree limbs, children who for decades used the area as a 'playground', community neglect and outright vandalism. The sad results can be seen below. But things are changing. The James Cemetery was established in 1828 by Major John James, who in 1807 settled on land in present-day Jackson now known as "Jamestown".

Major James' father, Captain John James, was a Revolutionary War soldier and one of the "Minutemen" who fought the British in April 1775 at the Battles of Lexington and Concord , known as the "shot heard 'round the world" at the outset of the American Revolution. Captain James was also a member of General Rufus Putnam's Ohio Company, who established the first permanent settlement in the Northwest Territory at Marietta, Ohio , in April 1788.  Major John James arrived at Marietta & Fort Harmar in the fall of 1788 from New London, Connecticut. His father & the remainder of the family arrived in the spring of 1789 and the James family moved into 'blockhouse #2' of the 13 cabins built at 'Belle-Prairie' or present-day Belpre, Ohio - the second settlement of the Northwest Territory. Soon thereafter, on January 2, 1791, Major James brother, William James, was one of 12 settlers slaughtered by Indians at the Big Bottom Massacre . This defining event in American history started the fighting for 'supremacy' in the Northwest Territory known as the Indian Wars. Major John James played an important and well-documented role in that struggle which ended with the signing of the Treaty of Greenville in 1795. He and many family members are buried on the James Cemetery Indian mound. Here is his genealogy  family tree                

 Major John James obituary    Indian mound pictures  Progress to date  James Cemetery burial list

  History & charter members of Jackson county's John James DAR chapter - Est. 1916 but now disbanded!    

 Revolutionary War soldiers buried in Jackson county    Patriot's Row - Est. July 4, 2007 - be patient  

 The James Cemetery project WINS the 2007 Time Warner  & History Channel "Save Our History" award 

  Results of a 1905 archaeological survey done on nearby Indian mounds       Flag raising ceremony 2006  

 Restored gravestone pictures     The massive James Cemetery "old oak tree"   

It's sad to see James Cemetery in such a condition, but with a lot of hard work.....

Joseph Eubanks' stone was completely covered with 3" of dirt. It took a ground probe to find it! 

John Dennison James stone is 5" thick but was buried face down in 4" of dirt

Elizabeth Darling - 1st person buried in the James Cemetery in 1828. Little did I know this was her gravestone

View to the SE from the Indian mound prior to commencing work. Far too many cemeteries are starting to look like this

Major John James (1772-1854) - his stone on the Indian mound was snapped off at the base, broken in half and laid face down for perhaps decades

Frances Bradshaw - all that could be seen initially was this view, stone face down with no inscription visible

many of these gravestones have already seen the light of day again

Joseph Eubanks upright

Elizabeth Darling

John Dennison James

Frances Bradshaw pt 2


Finally..Frances Bradshaw's (on the left) as well as Mary DuHadway's gravestones became the first two to be restored upright for the first time in probably decades. Resurrected in April, 2006

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